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What Is Andriol?

Andriol for sale is a formulation of testosterone undecanoate designed for oral use, and it comes in 40mg oil-based tablets. While it is very popular in the medical and healthcare industry, it is also popular among athletes who want to experience slow and steady gains as well as those who want to maintain their normal testosterone levels during anabolic steroid cycles.

Why Do You Need Testosterone?

Testosterone is the "male" hormone that provides sexual and immune health. Without enough of it in their bodies, men experience a host of side effects, which include low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and even poor immune response. Whether you received a diagnosis of low testosterone from your doctor or you are using an anabolic steroid that inhibits the natural production of testosterone, supplementation can help you feel better and protect your overall health. Andriol for sale is a popular choice since it is a relatively safe and effective oral option.

Why Andriol is Not a Lone Steroid

Andriol is usually not a proper anabolic steroid for lone use. Although at high doses, it can offer you an increase in strength and stamina, it provides very slow gains. This particular compound works best when stacked with other steroids such as Deca Durabolin. You may use it alone if you are treating a low testosterone condition, since the amount needed to maintain a proper testosterone level in your body is much lower than the amount you would need for performance enhancement. You may also choose to use it by itself if you prefer a safe regimen rather than a fast-acting one, too.

Low Testosterone Diagnosis

If your doctor diagnosed you with Low-T, then you may receive weekly or semi-weekly injections of testosterone. These injections are anything but pleasant, so some pharmaceutical companies create topical preparations. Unfortunately, your loved ones cannot touch the areas where you apply the preparation for fear of significant adverse effects. As such, some men prefer to buy Andriol for sale in order to supplement with testosterone since it is an oral capsule. The amount that you will need depends primarily on your condition.

Proper Dosage and Usage

The amount you will need for athletic performance varies greatly depending on your reasons for taking the compound. For instance, if you are treating low testosterone, a dose of about 120mg per day for four weeks followed up with a daily maintenance dose of around 40mg per day is ideal. Conversely, if you are using anabolic steroids, these suppress your body's ability to produce testosterone naturally. In this case, you may require doses up to 240mg per day, although some users take more.

Side Effects

There are some side effects associated with Andriol, and these generally relate to the fact that it converts to estrogen in your body. This means that you will likely experience some bloating, and you may even notice gynecomastia, or a condition in which men develop breast tissue due to an abundance of estrogen in their bodies. To prevent this, be sure to use an aromatase inhibitor like Clomid, which negates the effects of estrogen conversion.

Andriol is an especially good choice for people who are sensitive to the effects of harsher anabolic steroids; many prefer the slow, steady gains to the quick pounds that sometimes come with significant side effects. It is also popular among men who have certain medical conditions that limit their ability to use stronger steroids.

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